Surrender: Don't Worry About It (Anxiety)

Recent surveys say that around 18% of the American population suffer from Anxiety Disorder. They even go as far to say that the true number should be closer to 30% but most Americans won't identify with having issues with anxiety. What is anxiety and why does it seem like its becoming more common amongst believers? What is God doing about our stress, worries, and fears? Follow along as we search the scriptures and see what Jesus has to say about our anxiety. 

Surrender: What Is On Your Alter?

We can learn a lot about the Israelites and their relationship with God throughout the Old Testament. One of biggest things we can learn from them is that we need to be careful not to make false gods and place them in place of God in our lives. "The deadliest war that is going on in the believer's heart is a war with false gods and Jesus Christ. Fighting over God's rightful place in their heart."